Learn How to play piano by ear- Using this secret you can play any song by ear.

Learning how to play piano by ear is a very easy and simple thing to do if you know what to listen for. Some people think it is a special gift or something which I will agree some people have a better natural ear for music then others. But if you can pick out a melody on the piano then playing the piano by ear is very easy if you know how to do it right.

I am going to share with you a little trick that has helped me get to where I can play any song by ear that I want. And that is not to pay much attention to the melody at first. But when you hear a song turn up the bass really loud so you can hear it very clearly. Then listen very close to the bass note. This is the key to knowing which chord is being used. And from there if you know your chords and your scales you can determine what kind of chord is being used whether it be minor or major then you put the melody note on top and you can easily play any song by ear and exactly how you hear it.

So my trick that has let me get to where I can play any song by ear is to know my chords and my scales and then pick out the bass notes of a song. And you will notice that once you write down the bass notes being used you will see typical chord progressions repeating again and again.
Watch this video to see an example of how I pick a song out by ear.

If you need to learn the basics of the piano like chords and scales before you can do this you can go to my piano lessons area and learn all the basics of the piano you need to know.

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